The eruption of a child’s first teeth.  At birth a child already has their first 20 teeth in their jawbones.  The teeth normally begin to erupt around 6 months of age and all 20 primary teeth are often fully erupted by the age of three.  Primary (Baby) teeth are important for three main reasons:

  1. Chewing and eating to provide proper nutrition for growth
  2. Provide space for the permanent teeth to erupt in correct positions
  3. Aid in the normal development of jaw bones and muscles

When teething some children may experience sore or tender gums.  Rubbing a washcloth or clean finger over the gums can be soothing for children.  Contrary to popular belief, fever is not associated with erupting teeth.  If a child would develop a high or persistent fever while teething it is important to follow-up with their pediatrician.

The next blog will discuss oral hygiene for your child and what to expect at the first dental visit.  Please contact our office with any questions and for your free infant dental kit.  We are located in Bloomington near the College Mall, next to Goodwill.

-Dr. Matt

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