Decay in Primary (Baby) Teeth
Tooth decay can occur as soon as teeth appear in the mouth. Frequent and prolonged exposure of a child’s teeth to fruit juices, milk, and formula can contribute to kids getting early cavities.  When a baby is put to sleep with a bottle containing juice or milk the child is much more likely to get early cavities (baby bottle tooth decay).

Preventing Decay in Primary (Baby) Teeth
Never put a baby to bed with a bottle containing anything other than water. Switch from a bottle to a cup by one year of age. The ideal situation is to limit the use of a training cup (sippy cup).  The best approach is to switch to a regular cup as soon as possible.

Finger & Thumb Sucking Habits
Finger and thumb sucking is a normal reflex of infants and young children to bring a sense of security and relaxation.  The frequency, duration, and intensity of sucking will determine the degree of possible dental problems.  The optimal time to stop any sucking habits is by three years of age.

Helping a Child Stop Sucking
Focus on praising children when they are not sucking fingers or thumbs. Provide comfort to children to eliminate anxiety.  Anxiety may contribute to sucking habits. Reward children who refrain from sucking. Talk with your dentist regarding additional therapies or treatment that may benefit your child

The next blog will discuss proper diets and cover toothbrushing techniques for children.  Please contact our office with any questions and for your free infant dental kit.  We are located in Bloomington near the College Mall, next to Goodwill.

-Dr. Matt

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